Washer and disinfection for surgical instruments

The washer disinfector machines has recently been produced based on the national requirements of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, as well as the international standard ISO 15883 and IEC61010-1 in washing equipment for medical instruments in ATI MACHINE Company. This machine is recommended for cleaning and disinfecting medical devices by using the effective technique of spraying hot water with detergents. Using the predefined programs of this machine, tools and equipment related to a wide range of general and specialized hospitals as well as industries related to clean and sterile products can be automatically washed and their complete disinfection can be ensured & Appeared in a short time.
ADW-A with the ability to spray coating oil before drying tools, can be easily used for many sensitive tools and equipment with a long maintenance period. The ADW-A is recommended for cleaning surgical instruments, kitchen utensils, fermentation devices, endoscopic devices, etc. in hospitals.
The ADW-A is made in Iran and all its mechanisms, accessories and equipment (except what is mentioned in the foreign equipment section) are designed and manufactured by ATIMACHINE Company.

The washer-disinfector Machines are distinguished by the following features
1- WD with drying system
2- Calculating and presenting the lost time due to unfavorable operating conditions of the device
3- Using the keys Standard and appropriate warning for easier operation
4- EN ISO 15883-1/-2 compliant / IEC 61010-1 / ISO 13485 / ISO 9001
5- Automatic full glass doors
6- Operating panel with 8.4” touchscreen on the loading and unloading side
7- Using 304 stainless steel in all process parts of the device
8- Ability to control and service the machine via internet connection
9- Smart Fill, including frequency-controlled wash pump
10- Exhaust air connection with flap and condense drain
11- H13 HEPA filter
12- USB interface
13- 3 x dosing units (pump, flow meter, empty-level indicator)
14- 13 pre-set programs
10- 3 water supply connections (warm/cold/RO)

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