Clean Room

Clean room is a well-established term used only for clean rooms (a controlled amount of particulate matter per cubic meter or cubic feet). It should be noted that working conditions in clean rooms are specific and strict, for example, to control the amount of suspended particles.

The Clean Room is characterized by efficiency in two main ways:

Employee protection: For example, the chemical composition of the toxic gas emits.

Work piece protection: For example, no bacteria or contaminants should enter our work materials.

The types of airflow in a clean room or clean room:
conditions inside the Clean Bench or Clean Room desks also have their own standards. For example, in terms of air circulation, we have two types of air flow in a clean room or a clean room.

Linear and uniform clean air flow:
Vertical air flow
Horizontal air flow

Air filters are devices or systems that remove small airborne particles such as dust, dirt, dirt, bacteria and viruses. High-sensitivity projects that require quality, clean air often use these filters. Of course, because each has its own requirements, we will also need different filters. Ionic, HEPA, carbon and UV light filters are commonly used in industrial, commercial and medical sectors.

    Clean Room


    Clear room implementation steps

    1.Panels for walls and ceilings
    2. Scaffolding, floor insulation and epoxy
    3. Define the clean room section of the central air conditioning system and observe all the items that the air conditioner needs, including
    temperature / pressure / humidity control and air inlet and outlet control at a specified time) according to the clean room classification
    4. Luxury level of lighting
    5. Control the entry and exit of personnel (for entering each part of the air shower room)
    6. Exit control of material, pack, sample and

    Types ofClean Room & Clean Bench standards

      • • American Standard IEST ISO 14644-1 International Standard for Cleanrooms
      • • Standard based on Biosafety Levels
      • • European Standard
      • • English Standard British Standard 5295: 1989 BS 5295 Environmental cleanliness classes
      • American Standard S. Federal Standard 209D to E Cleanroom Standards

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