For the first time in Iran, Ati Machine Company has designed, implemented and equipped the first standard CSSD center in a fully specialized hospital in the north (Amol Medical Group), which is being operated. The CSSD project map of North Hospital was designed by ATI MACHINE-SHINA technical engineers. The sterilization section of this center was designed in an area of 550 square meters, which includes the following 4 sections:

1. Contamination Area
2. Checking & Packing Area
3. Sterile Area
4. Office

The designed map received the necessary approvals for the standardization of all zones inside and outside the country, and after receiving the approvals, the project entered the implementation stage, which is as follows:
1. Panels for walls and ceilings
2. Scaffolding, floor insulation and epoxy
3. Define the CSSD section to the central air conditioning system and observe all the items that the air conditioner needs, including (temperature / pressure / humidity control and air inlet and outlet control at a specified time) according to the classroom of ten thousand class clean room.
4. Luxury level of lighting
5. Staff entry and exit control (intended for entering each section of the air shower room)
6. Input and exit control of contaminated and sterile sets (via elevator made by Ati Machine Company)

Finally, the discussion of equipping the CSSD ward of North Hospital was done by Ati Machine Company, which includes the following:
1. Steam autoclaves
2. Plasma autoclave
3. Machine wash and disinfectant
4. Sinks / trolleys / shelves / Pass Box tables / Checking & Packing single channel / Pass Box six channels and …

It should be mentioned that after launching the CSSD system of North Hospital in 2015, high-ranking officials of Iran University – Ministry of Health and Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences visited this center and after that the sterilization department of this hospital became the first fully mechanized CSSD with Compliance with all necessary standards in the country was named and also a defensible pilot for the future car company.



Dirty section

Clean section

Sterile section

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