Hospital Automation

While significant advances have been made in the implementation of medical information technology before we can fully understand the benefits of healthcare technology; There are several challenges to solve it as briefly as follows:
1. Prevention of secondary infection in hospitals (safety assurance)
۲. Prevention of errors (medical equipment; surgical instruments; medical devices, etc.)
3. Support for a wide range of surgical equipment (makes staff work easier and more efficient)
4. Increasing surgical efficiency and quality of intraoperative management
5. Strong security control
6. Perform smooth and efficient operations in the hospital room and operating room

Introduction of exclusive system and features:
Ability to check tools and equipment on the screen; Improves the accuracy of assembly work after cleaning.
– Program control; Planning and preparation of required Tools
– Date / time of data
– Security: is guaranteed by entering the password and password settings.
– Completely separates the areas of “circulation”: sending department and the sender; the sent sets and list of the tools; the CSSD section and receiver; Washing unit; Packing unit and relevant person; Sterile unit; Send to the relevant section; Receiving department and person.
– Recording and saving information
– Prevention of human mistakes
– Controlling list of tools
– Control and Hospital sets records
-Controlling system for prevention of infection by human
Control and reduction of hospital warehouses space
– Control and optimization of consuming items (reusable and disposable)

With careful planning and discipline the CSSD and the operating room automation system that can be controlled to a very high extent that includes the following:
1. Control in energy consumption (water-electricity-gas)
۲. Detergent control
3. Control of surgical consumption up to 60%
4. Lander control, which is the same as energy control.
5. Manpower control and better productivity than manpower working in departments

Taking into account all of the above, we conclude that hospital automation is a system that brings cost savings to the hospital. With many studies that the future team of the car did on this project for 4 years and set it up in centers, it became a way to prove that through automation and since the launch of this system in the first year, between 50 and 70% of the cost can be Reduced hospital costs and brought significant benefits to the hospital.

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