Lyophilizator with CIP & SIP

Among foods, medicines, and especially vaccines, there are types that need to be dried for storage. But as we know, many of these materials can not be dried with heat, because after drying, all their effective materials disappear and become inert properties. Therefore, it is necessary to dry the mentioned materials in cold and vacuum in order to preserve their effective material. For this purpose, a freeze dryer is recommended. Ati Machine Company started its activity in the field of equipping pharmaceutical factories in 2002 and became one of the pioneers in this industry in providing pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing devices.

The company has equipped several pharmaceutical institutes and factories with a lyophilizer system, including Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Ronak Daroo, Negin Daroo, Sobhan Daroo, Kish tissue maker, Sinagen Company and…
Product introduction:
This lyophilizator model is equipped with a system. Advanced automatic washing and sterilization, which can be connected to the automatic feeding and draining line.
This device is available in volumes of 3 square meters, 7 square meters and 15 square meters.
Automatic Door PIZZA DOOR
classes, moving
with precision hydraulic cylinders for precise load accuracy of ± 0.5 mm
device with a nozzle of the wash cycle to wash all angles in all parts of the chamber to ensure
device performance monitoring system is hydraulic cylinders
Pressure control on the vials to prevent them from breaking

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