Medical waste Sterilizer

The medical waste sterilizer system can be used for amounts less than 5 tons. This device has the ability to sterilize infectious waste through the autoclave system and completes the cycle with two vacuum stages during the cycle and sterilization operations.
Unique features:
Use of integrated central steam system or the ability to provide with an electric steam generator
In capacities of 240, 360, 1200 liters
Sterile cycle with sterile temperature 134 ° C with the ability to apply settings
Has a water tank Equipped with sterilizing tap water before entering the sewer
Has a steam trap system to prevent air perspiration
70% reduction in waste volume
Has a HEPA (microbiological) filter for air purification
Siemens PLC & Touchscreen control system of Germany brand
NASH ELMO vacuum pump of America
Has pressure and steam chamber indicators on the device
Equipped with waste box lifting device to maintain operator safety and stop working

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